BOX TOPS are an easy way for our school to earn FREE MONEY! Have your child cut out unexpired BOX TOPS and tape or glue them to the collection sheet. You can also put them in a zip top baggie with your name and teacher on it. Students will get a small prize for turning in their completed collection sheets. Place completed sheets or zip top baggies into the PTA Drop Box in the front office or put them in your Thursday folder to give to the teacher. Our school will submit all box tops twice a year, on November 1st and March 1st so we have only 6 months to see how much we can raise for the 2018 - 2019 school year. 

Imagine What One Child Can Do ...

  • 1 BOX TOP per month x 6 months = $0.60
  • 5 BOX TOPS per month x 6 months = $3.00
  • 10 BOX TOPS per month x 6 months = $6.00

Imagine What One School Can Do ...

  • $0.60 x 725 students = $435
  • $3.00 x 725 students = $2175
  • $3.00 x 725 students = $4350

Download the BOX TOPS Program Flyer for more information.

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